Custom Shading and Staining

Occasionally there are cases where the shade is extremely difficult to prescribe or needs to be very precise. This is where Thompson Suburban Dental Laboratory comes in. When you send your patient to us for a custom shading, we will use our high-tech equipment to capture, analyze and replicate the shade on a restoration of your choice.

How it Works

A certified dental technician specializing in dental ceramics will take your patient’s shade with the help of the X-Rite Shadevision system. We will then analyze it in Photoshop and, if necessary, will discuss clinical options and evaluate any abnormalities and expectations of the case. We also offer in-lab staining, so please contact us to set up any of these appointments.

For Shadevision Users

If your dental practice already has Shadevision equipment, Thompson Suburban Dental Laboratory will gladly accept Shadevision files sent via email to accompany your case. We will do our best to match the shade and color variations as close as possible for the complete satisfaction of your patient.

Contact us to schedule a shading or staining appointment.

"I highly recommend Thompson Suburban Dental Laboratory for any dental practitioner's laboratory needs."

-Dr. Anthony H. Hamod

"We have been extremely satisfied with the work they produce on a daily basis."

-Paul and Matt Field DDS

"I appreciate how hard you work to make me look good!"

– Lynn R. Chincheck, DDS

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